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From YouTube: SES Meeting: Viability of Records and Tuples, Isolated Realms Update


Viability Records and Tuples for Stage 3 with Daniel Ehrenberg and champions of Records and Tuples. MarkM brings a concern regarding -0, which the champions address. A concern remains about the coherence of the language, given that some of the goals of tuples and records as suitable as keys in maps and values in sets might be achievable with other means that preserve amortized constant time comparison.

Upcoming changes to Node Policies due to Import Maps (5min) with Bradley Farias. Node.js will allow an escape hatch in policies that will open up ambient authority to import maps. Module specifiers will be eagerly canonicalized into the domain of fully qualified URL or something else that looks like a path relative URL but must not begin with . or .. path components.

Isolated Realms, new API Review with Caridy and Leo.