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From YouTube: Use SES to Reduce Supply Chain Risk (English)


On 15/03/2021, Mark S. Miller gave a lecture about SES (Secure EcmaScript) during a JavaScript Israel virtual Meetup.

Use SES (Secure EcmaScript) to run third-party JavaScript code safely inside featherweight compartments.
SES is a TC39 proposal, a shim used in production, a standalone implementation for embedded systems as specified by TC53, and a language for writing blockchain-based smart contracts.
SES enforces that subsequent code stays within object-capability security rules. Reduce supply chain risk by giving each package the least authority it needs to do its legitimate job.
Experience at Google, Salesforce, Agoric, MetaMask, Cosmos, Moddable, and Node confirm that much existing JavaScript code, not written to run under SES, nevertheless runs compatibly under SES within these security constraints.

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