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From YouTube: Chain Reaction #1: Launching Inter-blockchain Communication (Agoric and Cosmos)


Join Dean Tribble from Agoric and Zaki Manian from Tendermint to learn more about Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC), what it is, the teams behind building it and what you can anticipate over the next few months.

Ongoing work on the Github repository:
IBC Ecosystem:


Orbital Communications is a bi-weekly Cosmos community update that gives token holders, validators, and all levels of stakeholders a look inside what's being developed for the Cosmos Network.

The Cosmos Network is a secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem where thousands of decentralized applications interoperate to create the foundation for a new token economy.

Cosmos solves some of the hardest blockchain problems - scalability, usability and interoperability, allowing blockchain application developers to focus on business logic. The Cosmos SDK is a user-friendly, modular framework that allow developers to fully customize their dApp to best suit their needs, powered by Tendermint Core's BFT Proof of Stake protocol.

At Cosmos, we're building the "Internet of Blockchains." Join our growing network and plug into the growing world of connected blockchains.

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About Agoric

The Agoric team includes world-class technologists, economists, business leaders and community builders on a quest to bring smart contracts into the future. Members of the Agoric team have been professional collaborators for over 30 years, since the inception of smart contracts technology, and now have reunited to enact Agoric’s mission. Agoric partners with Cosmos and other well-known projects, and is backed by Outlier Ventures, , Xpring, Rockaway Blockchain and the Interchain Foundation, as well as additional funding from Naval Ravikant and Polychain.