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From YouTube: Monday, December 21, 2020 6:30PM Albany Common Council Caucus & 7PM Meeting


Legislation Passed:
Local Law H of 2020 (Balarin et al)
Ordinance 47.122.20 (MC)
Ordinance 37.102.20 (Finance)
Ordinance 38.102.20 (Finance)
Ordinance 39.102.20 (Finance)
Ordinance 42.112.20 (Hoey)
Resolution 121.122.20R (Finance)
Resolution 122.122.20R (Kimbrough)
Resolution 124.122.20R (Kimbrough)
Resolution 125.122.20R (MC)
Resolution 126.122.20R (MC)
Resolution 127.122.20R (MC)
Resolution 11.21.20 (Anane, Robinson and Love)
Resolution 16.31.20R (Finance)