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From YouTube: Monday. June 8, 2020 5:30PM Planning, Economic Development and Land Use


The Committee reviewed Ordinance 8.41.20 that continue the suspension of the application of the USDO incentive that allows developers to increase the height of the primary building on a site by one story or reduce setbacks if the developer incorporates into design plans a green roof or other building or site features that are designed so that off-site flow of the first one inch of rainfall during the first 24 hours after rainfall ends is reduced by at least 50 percent shall receive the following benefits for applications submitted through June 30, 2021. The Committee also reviewed Ordinance 15.81.19 that amend the Unified Development Ordinance of the City of Albany to ensure that no building permit or demolition permit is issued prior to any condition precedent set by a City, County, State or Federal agency or department, is met.