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From YouTube: Around Arlington - Oct 30


Hunger might not seem to be an issue in Arlington, but the high cost of living here means that there is some food insecurity. The Arlington Food Assistance Center, or AFAC, distributes groceries to over 1,500 families every week. More on the creative ways Arlingtonians are fighting hunger later, but first we have to prepare for the oncoming season. And here in Arlington we have 5! It's leaf season!And that means leaf collection.

Free biodegradable leaf bags are available at locations around the county. Bag leaf collection begins Nov. 4 and vacuum collection begins Nov. 11. Find out when the vacuum will be in your neighborhood on our website: keyword "leaf."

And remember, the leaves are recycled into mulch that residents can obtain from the county.

Talking of recycling, E-CARE events happen twice a year. That's when Arlington residents can dispose of household hazardous materials, or HHM's, electronics and much more. Nearly 1,000 residents recycled over 34 and a half tons of material filling two tractor trailers. But you don't have to wait til the next E-CARE event, Just visit keyword HazMat, to find a list of hazardous materials and locations to take them.

One of the locations to dispose of rechargeable batteries is at some of Arlington's fire stations. And the Firefighters in our next story have been helping to fight hunger. Along with three of Arlington's top restaurant chefs, three of the county's firehouse cooks went toe-to-toe in a challenge to cook three courses and raise funds for The Arlington Food Assistance Center, or AFAC.

AFAC has also teamed up with Arlington Transit, and Giant Food challenging riders and residents to 'stuff the bus' full of non-perishable food. More than 4,700 pounds of food were donated to AFAC who will deliver the free groceries to families, and elderly residents who rely on them. And AFAC are always looking for your help. If you need food assistance, know someone who does, or want to volunteer, contact AFAC at or call 703-845-8486.

The voting is now open for the 2013 People's Choice ABBIE Awards. Cast your vote by Nov. 1 for Arlington's Best Businesses! Vote for your favorites in categories like Best Brunch, Best New Business and more. You can vote online at keyword abbies.

And after you've voted for your ABBIE favorite, don't forget to vote on Tuesday Nov. 5 for Virginia's gubernatorial election. On the same ballot you can vote for your House Delegate, and a member of both the County and School Boards. If you don't know where to vote, you'll be out of town, or you have any other questions just visit or call 703-228-3456

Well, that's it for another week. Thanks for watching! And we'll see you voting, Around Arlington.