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From YouTube: Jogging Trails: 7 Tips to Stay Safe


Arlington has safe and beautiful trails for biking, running, and walking. As the days
get longer, people of all ages spend more time outside -- and this includes criminals, too.
Here are some safety tips if you are using the trails in our area.
• Try to use populated areas in the daylight hours.
• Wear light, reflective clothing.
• Try to go out with a friend.
• Make sure you bring a cell phone.
• Familiarize yourself with your trails and avoid areas you don't know.
• If you listen to music, make sure you leave one ear open.
• Tell someone where you will be going before you leave.

And remember: Never hesitate to call the police if you think you spot suspicious activity.
• Call 911 for emergencies
• For non-emergencies, call 703-558-2222

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