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From YouTube: Arlington's New Website


Long, long ago, Arlington County launched its first website. That was in the 1990's, and over the years, there have been changes and improvements. And guess what, we're changing for the better again.
A new website with a simpler interface and better organized by topic, so you don't actually have to know which department in the County does what. And the new site's mobile-friendly too. It will look different if you're coming from your desktop computer, tablet, or phone -- but always with the top information...well, at the top. And we put our homepage links on a diet. We've got fewer navigation links to sift through.
We've also slimmed down our content and made things more findable. Like, if you're getting hitched, you don't want to spend a lot of time searching around for the Marriage License info, right? Or if you're trying to check on your home's real estate assessment, we put the property look-up link right up front.
We'll also have some helpful new features coming out. Like a new tool for finding a park nearest you that has a playground, picnic table, or even a bocce court. And a new online tool where you can find out if last night's pizza box can be recycled.
So, we're changing...and we're going to keep changing to make things better for all of you.