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From YouTube: Housing Authority Meeting - Feb 21, 2023


Housing Authority Meeting - Feb 21, 2023

Notice of Kyle Housing Authority Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
1. Roll Call

II. Approval of Minutes
2. Read and approve minutes from the December 14, 2022 board meeting.

III. [0:16] Citizen Comment Period with Kyle Housing Authority
The Kyle Housing Authority welcomes comments from Citizens early in the agenda of its meetings. Those wishing to speak are encouraged to sign in before the meeting begins. Speakers may be provided with an opportunity to speak during this time period on any agenda item or any other matter concerning Kyle Housing Authority business, and they must observe the three-minute time limit.

IV. Executive Session
3. Pursuant to Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, the Housing Authority of the City of Kyle, Texas reserves the right to convene into Executive Session(s) from time to time as deemed necessary during this meeting. The Housing Authority of the City of Kyle, Texas may convene into Executive Session pursuant to any lawful exception contained In Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code including any or all the following topics.
Pending or contemplated litigation or to seek legal advice pursuant to Section 551.071
Possible purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real estate pursuant to Section 551.072
Personnel matters pursuant to Section 551.074

V. Consider and Possible Action
4. [0:43] Resolution to prepay the USDA existing mortgage loan on Pete Dressen Housing.
5. [3:49] Resolution to approve the budget for Charles Young Public Housing for the fiscal year beginning 07/01/2022.

VI. [5:39] Management Report
VII. [22:45] Adjourn

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