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From YouTube: Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport and Planning, 16 August 2018


1. Declarations of Interest
2. Minutes
3. Public Participation
4. EPetition: “Approve More Houses for Lower Income Residents in York”
5. Consideration of Two Residents Parking Petitions: Main, First & Second Avenues and Balmoral Terrace
6. Strensall to Haxby - Danger Reduction Scheme
7. Consideration of results from the consultation in Sussex Road and immediate area following a petition received requesting Residents' Priority Parking
8. Submission of Definitive Map Modification Order "The Council of the City of York Public Footpath, Knapton No.4 (Grange Lane to Rufforth Airfield)"to the Secretary of State for Determining also requests that the Secretary of State change the Order Route from Footpath to Restricted Byway.

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