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From YouTube: Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport & Planning, 9 February 2017


AGENDA (To view individual agenda items click on the links below)
1. Declarations of Interest 00:00:25
2. Minutes 00:00:29
3. Public Participation 00:00:44
4. Better Bus Area Programme- Fourth Avenue Lay-bys 00:01:04
5. Consideration of Objections received to the proposed amendments to the York Parking, Stopping & Waiting Traffic Regulation Order 2014: Proposed no waiting at any time restrictions (double yellow lines) on Opus Avenue, White Rose Way and White Rose Close 00:01:57
6. Directorate of Economy & Place Capital Programme - 2016/17 Monitor 2 Report 00:32:12
7. E Petition: Ownership of Property and Land in York 00:33:42

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