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From YouTube: Decision Session - Executive Member for Transport and Planning, 12 July 2018


1. Declarations of Interest
2. Minutes
3. Public Participation
4. A Bike-share Scheme for York
5. Street Lighting Policy Update
6. Petition requesting that the Council adopt streets on a Persimmon Homes estate, including Arlington Road and Tamworth Road
7. Lysander Close: Proposed Amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order
8. Turner Close & Huntington Road: Proposed Amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order - Consideration of objections received
9. Consideration of results from the consultation in Rosedale Street and surrounding area following petitions received requesting Residents' Priority Parking
10. Directorate of Economy & Place Transport Capital Programme - 2018/19 Consolidated Report
11. Pedestrian Crossings - Review of Requests
12. Urgent Business

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