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From YouTube: Planning Committee, 17 August 2017


AGENDA (To view individual agenda items click on the links below)
1. Declarations of Interest 00:04:07
2. Minutes 00:04:14
3. Public Participation 00:04:35
4. Plans List 00:05:57
a) Land Adjacent to Sewage Works at Hessay Industrial Estate, New Road, Hessay, York (17/00670/FUL) 00:06:44
b) Home Lea, Elvington Lane, Elvington YO41 4AX (17/00712/FUL) 00:13:13
c) Holly Tree Farm, Murton Way, York, YO19 5UN (17/01671/FUL) 00:17:44
d) Hudson House, Toft Green, York, YO1 6JT (17/00576/FULM) 00:27:29
e) The Old School Business Centre, Low Poppleton, Lane,York, YO26 6AZ (17/01072/FUL) 01:05:35
f) Rufforth Playing Fields, Wetherby Road, Rufforth, York (16/02303/FUL) 01:27:20

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