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From YouTube: Breaking the CF-Release Monolith - Alvaro Perez-Shirley & David Sabeti, Pivotal


Breaking the cf-release Monolith ( Alvaro Perez-Shirley and David Sabeti, Pivotal)

The release integration team, with the help of many other teams, is breaking the monolith that is cf-release. This enables faster iteration on independent components, increased testability, and reusability while also bringing hidden dependencies into the foreground.

This involves re-thinking the way CI for cf-release is done, how the structure of cf-release was changed, and how manifests are generated for cf-release. The changes that are happening are making it easier for contributors to quickly and efficiently iterate on their contributions while reducing the risk of blocking or breaking the integration of the separate components of cf-release.

As a result of these changes releases are happening more quickly. This enables consumers to frequently upgrade and gain all the benefits of new features, security patches, and smaller release sizes thanks to component reuse, and release composability.

Many challenges were encountered during this process. Hear about how these were tackled, why the decision was made to break the release into independent components, and how it’s being done.

Alvaro Perez-Shirley
CF Release Engineering

David Sabeti
David works at Pivotal, where he's currently part of the open-source Release Integration team on CF.