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From YouTube: Scaling a Distributed Container Management System: Diego Performance - James Myers & Luan Dos Santos


As a distributed container management system, it is important that Diego not only runs containers, but it does so in a quick and timely manner. In small deployments with manageable work loads, it is easy for us to guarantee that Diego adheres to these performance requirements. However, as both the scale of the deployment and the amount of containers increases, it has become increasingly challenging for us to validate that Diego maintains its performance characteristics.

This talk will dive into the steps that we took to design, perform, evaluate, and improve performance testing that has given us confidence in Diego as a backend to Cloud Foundry. Topics will include: how the Diego team designed performance experiments and testing suites given product requirements, how we evaluate a performant Diego environment, results that led to various performance changes in the system, and lastly how the Diego team is continuing to build out infrastructure to validate Diego’s performance at a larger scale on a more regular basis.

James Myers
Software Engineer, Pivotal
James Myers is a software engineer for Pivotal Software and a core contributor to the Cloud Foundry project. James is currently a member of the Diego team and has worked on Cloud Foundry for two years. He has presented previously at the 2015 North American CF Summit on the CF API.

Luan dos Santos
Software Engineer, Pivotal
Luan Santos is a Pivotal developer and core contributor to the Cloud Foundry platform. He is a member of the Diego team, located in San Francisco, CA. He also spoke at the CF Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, CA about the Cloud Foundry API.