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From YouTube: BOSH: The Simple Solution for Complex Systems - Kira Combs, Pivotal


Deploying complex systems is hard. What's even harder is figuring out how to make changes to those systems, parsing which elements of that system are failing, and how to debug and fix the issues in a system in an elegant manner. Thankfully, there is a solution! BOSH allows users to version, package, and deploy both simple and complex software in a reproducible manner. This talk will give a history and overview of the BOSH solution, a brief tutorial on how to get started, how to debug, and finally will give practical guidance and tips on how BOSH can help make complicated product development and deployments a thing of the past.

Kira Combs
Kira is a Software Engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She works with BOSH and Cloud Foundry on a daily basis, and is excited to be here at Summit. She has presented once before at CF Summit Berlin on the Loggregator system of Cloud Foundry.