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From YouTube: From Fix to Final Release: Continuous Integration and Testing for Diego - Jen Spinney & Andrew Edgar


When the Diego team publishes a new release of Diego, it needs to be solid. When operators know they can trust the latest releases, they are more likely to update regularly and stay current with the latest features and security patches.

Thus, the Diego team works hard to ensure the quality of each release they publish. At the same time, the steps involved in creating a final release must be quick and easy. A critical aspect of agile software development is being able to turn out new features and security fixes rapidly.

In this talk, Jen and Andrew from Diego discuss the battery of tests Diego code is run through along with the design of the team’s continuous integration pipeline. They will discuss the testing strategies and tools used at different verification scopes (unit, component, cross-component, etc.) and spend some extra time discussing the test suites specific to Diego, such as the upgradability suite and the BBS benchmarking suite. Attendees will learn how they can apply these techniques to their own projects and feel more confident in the software they release.

Andrew Edgar
IBM Canada
Senior Software Developer
Andrew has over 24 years of experience in the Software Development industry. He joined IBM 12 years ago and has worked in several senior positions in the Tivoli and Cloud development teams. He is currently working as Senior Software Developer on the Bluemix Development team and is a core contributor on the Diego project in Cloud Foundry. He has presented at many IBM customer conferences in the past and regularly talks with customers on Cloud Foundry and Bluemix. Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jen Spinney
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Jen Spinney is a software engineer at HP Enterprise, where she works as a core contributor on the CF Diego team. Prior to HPE, she worked at Microsoft on the OData team where she developed a passion for open source and cross-company software development. She pairs remotely from the HPE office in Seattle, WA.