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From YouTube: On-Demand Service Provisioning with BOSH 2.0 - Alex Ley & Craig Furman, Pivotal


Alex & Craig have been busy building what they are calling “On-Demand Services”, leveraging new features arriving in BOSH 2.0. For the first time, app developers will have the ability to deploy dedicated resources by simply running `cf create-service`. For example, app developers could create a dedicated RabbitMQ cluster or a customised Redis instance for their application.

You will be taken behind the scenes, showing how an app developer’s CF CLI request will trigger a service broker to create a new BOSH deployment which results in freshly created virtual machines.

Finally, they will discuss and demonstrate what challenges on-demand services bring to operating the Cloud Foundry platform and exciting new user experiences that we could start to offer.

Craig Furman
Software Engineer, Pivotal
Craig Furman is a software engineer at Pivotal in London. He currently builds data services for Cloud Foundry and has contributed to Cloud Foundry services brokers for Redis, Cassandra and Neo4J. He primarily writes code in Go, Java, Ruby and the occasional shell script.

Alex Ley
Product Manager, Pivotal
Alex Ley works on the Cloud Foundry platform at Pivotal as a Product Manager. He is primarily focused on bringing data services to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform such as Redis, RabbitMQ and Cassandra. Alex has a passion for Cloud Foundry and the way we build software. Previously Alex has given talks at "muCon - The Microservices Conference 2015", "Continuous Lifecycle Conference 2016" , "London PaaS Meetup 2015", "Pivotal Open Lunch & Learn 2016".