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From YouTube: Giving Cloud Foundry APIs Their Swagger Back - Michael Maximilien, IBM & Tony Tam, SmartBear


The Open API Specification (née Swagger 2.0) is a comprehensive language for describing Web APIs (e.g., REST) using a JSON. Using the description of a Web API one can easily generate all types of artifacts (docs, clients, proxies, and so on) that are useful to consumers, developers, and maintainers of the API.

CF-Swagger is an incubation project in CloudFoundry where we have applied Swagger to various CF APIs in order to generate value. For instance, by having a Swagger description of the Service Broker APIs we are able to generate a Golang Test Compatibility Kit (TCK) that makes it easy for a CF service administrator to vet whether a service broker conforms to a particular version of the service broker API.

We have also described various other CF APIs using Swagger with the goal to allowing specific useful tasks. In this talk we will give a complete overview of the various CF APIs we have swaggerized, along with some of the useful consequences of the description. We will also discuss general directions of the project along with other potential applications by looking at how the Swagger community is currently taking advantage of APIs' descriptions.

Michael (aka dr.max) Maximilien
Scientist, Architect, and Engineer, IBM
My name is Michael Maximilien, better known as max or dr.max, and I am a computer scientist with IBM. At IBM Research Triangle Park, I was a principal engineer for the worldwide industry point-of-sale standard: JavaPOS. At IBM Research, I was a research scientist and did pioneering research on semantic Web services, mashups, and cloud computing, as well as platform-as-a-service. I joined the IBM Cloud Labs in 2014 as Chief Architect for Crchitect for Cloud Innovations working closely with Pivotal Inc., to help make the Cloud Foundry Open Source Platform-as-a-Service the best PaaS on the planet.

My main expertise are in areas of software engineering and distributed systems. I have published over 60 refereed papers with citations count on GoogleScholar over 3500 and I hold 13 issued US patents. I am an avid amateur triathlete who has completed more than 10 half Ironman and one full Ironman and more than 20 marathons.

Tony Tam
VP and CTO, SmartBear
VP and CTO of all things Swagger at SmartBear