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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry on Azure, Beyond BOSH and CPI - Kundana Palagiri, Ning Kuang, & Gil Isaacs, Microsoft


In this deep dive session you'll learn about how some of the enterprise and hybrid features of Azure are available natively for Cloud Foundry applications.

Gil Isaacs
Gil is a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect in the Microsoft Developer Experience division where he helps commercial technology publishers develop solutions utilizing Microsoft Azure. Most recently, Gil was the lead in partnership with Pivotal Engineering in publishing the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Azure Marketplace offer. Gil brings deep experience to Microsoft helping customers, partners and colleagues with new technology adoption across many different platforms.

Ning Kuang
Ning is a Senior Program manager from Microsoft Shanghai, focusing on open source technologies in Azure; she worked on various projects for the Linux VM and middleware on Azure, especially deployment and management solutions. She also manages the Could Foundry on Azure engineering efforts, especially deployment solutions including CPI. Previously Ning works with different server and web technologies including Microsoft Windows Servers and networking protocol analyzing solutions.

Kundana Palagiri
Senior Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft
Kundana Palagiri been at Microsoft for about 14+ years and worked on various Windows Server and Cloud Technologies as both a Program Manager and a Software Engineer. She currently work on Azure IaaS and PaaS platforms and I primarily work on a VM Customization framework to integrate open source and ISV solutions with Azure Virtual Machine for providing rich DevOps tools and PaaS platforms.