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From YouTube: The Cloud Foundry Bits-Service Myth Buster! - Simon Moser & Marc Schunk, IBM, & Stev Witzel, Pivotal


Did you ever wonder what that mythical ‘bits-service’ incubation project is? Has the CloudFoundry community finally lost their minds and started on a competition with OpenStack Swift or Amazon S3? Hell NO! This talk will introduce the current state and give an outlook to the future of the “bits-service” [1] project. In short, the bits-service is an extraction of an existing functionality in the cloud controller today - externalising everything related to bits (application bits, droplets, packages, buildpacks, …) into a proper micro service. It can be scaled independently, is encapsulated by a well-defined API, so its a generic BLOBSTORE API, right? Mmm…. maybe come and join the team (the first community project equally staffed with engineers of IBM and Pivotal) in the talk and let us handle your bits!


Simon Moser
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
Simon is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM that works both on IBM Bluemix as well Cloud Foundry, where he runs projects like OpenWhisk or the Bits-service. Simon has been publishing many papers and given many talks at International Conferences (such as IBM Interconnect, EclipseCon and other major conferences).

Marc Schunk
Software Engineer, IBM

Stev Witzel
Engineering Manager, Pivotal
Stev works as a software engineer at Pivotal’s London office. He is part of the team behind the Cloud Foundry Bits-Service project. Previously, he has been working on Cloud Foundry data services and Bosh. In his free time he enjoys building things in Golang and learning about distributed systems.