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From YouTube: CF Serverless: CloudFoundry as a Platform for Serverless Computing


CF Serverless: CloudFoundry as a Platform for Serverless Computing [I] - Nima Kaviani & Michael Maximilien, IBM

As CloudFoundry matures to become the de-facto platform for enterprise cloud computing, it is no surprise that various types of computing services need to be supported. Server-less computing is a new name for various previous concepts or technologies, e.g. functors, functional programming. In this model of computing, applications are written as a series of small functions with clear input and output and can be executed in the cloud on demand. The difference between this approach and eg. micro-services is that the backend part only executes when invoked. In this talk we compare and contrast possible approaches to make CF a first class platform for server-less computing. We explore retrofitting the current CF app push model, leverage open source server less platforms like OpenWhisk, and investigate how the CF runtime (Diego) could be improved to support server less apps as on-off tasks.

Nima Kaviani
Nima Kaviani is a cloud engineer with IBM and a contributor to CF Diego. Nima holds a PhD in computer science and tweets and blogs about Cloud Foundry, distributed systems, and technology in general.

Michael (aka dr.max)
Scientist, Architect, and Engineer
My name is Michael Maximilien, better known as max or dr.max, and I am a computer scientist with IBM. At IBM Research Triangle Park, I was a principal engineer for the worldwide industry point-of-sale standard: JavaPOS. At IBM Research, some highlights include pioneering research on semantic Web services, mashups, and cloud computing, and platform-as-a-service. I joined the IBM Cloud Labs in 2014 and work closely with Pivotal Inc., to help make the Cloud Found the best PaaS.