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From YouTube: Humana - Scaling Cloud Foundry From One Team to The Entire Enterprise


Humana - Scaling Cloud Foundry From One Team to The Entire Enterprise - Patrick Huber, Humana & Parag Doshi, Pivotal

Humana started their cloud-native journey three years back when they set up Digital Excellence Center (DEC). The goal of DEC was for enabling their business customers achieve faster time to market and create a new way of developing applications within Humana by using Cloud Foundry.
In 2016, Humana undertook an initiative to spread DevOps culture and scale their use of Cloud Foundry across the enterprise for all development teams.
This presentation will illustrate their DevOps and Cloud Foundry journey led by Patrick for creating an enterprise resilient Cloud Foundry offering and changing the mindset of their internal teams to the new way of developing applications and infrastructure automation.
The audience will learn about their wins and the challenges that DevOps team faced along the way of creating an enterprise-wide Cloud Foundry offering. They will get to hear about different automation and functionality put in place by Patrick and Parag to create enterprise grade resilient Cloud Foundry platform. Come and learn what it takes to roll out and scale Cloud Foundry from one team to a

Patrick Huber
Architect & Product Owner - Cloud Foundry
Patrick is a domain architect and change agent at Humana. He has more than 14 years of experience in architecting business applications for Humana and other Fortune 500 companies. He has implemented infrastructure automation and is currently spreading the DevOps culture at Humana. Patrick is a prolific speaker and has presented numerous times at Humana - the latest at DevOps Days event at Humana where Patrick presented their enterprise Cloud Foundry vision and capabilities to a packed room of technology enthusiast. Patrick is currently the product owner and architect for adding more capabilities to their enterprise offering of PCF and is responsible for the rollout of Cloud Foundry across their enterprise.

Parag Doshi
Platform Architect - Cloud Foundry
Parag Doshi is a Cloud Foundry Platform Architect at Pivotal. Parag has more than fifteen years of experience in architecting, developing and deploying enterprise applications for various Fortune 500 companies. He has successfully led DevOps and organization transformation initiatives in various engagements in the past. In his current platform architect role, Parag works closely with various enterprise customers and helps them become successful in their DevOps and cloud foundry adoption journey.