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From YouTube: Lightning Talk: Microsoft and OSS: Who Would Have Thought?


Lightning Talk: Microsoft and OSS: Who Would Have Thought? - Sean McKenna, Microsoft

In the last three years, Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation, deployed the largest Git repo on the planet, open-sourced .NET, and added a Linux subsystem on Windows. Suggesting just one of those a decade ago probably would have elicited chuckles, never mind having them all happen in short succession. In this talk, we’ll look at how Microsoft has changed its views on open-source software, both in how we interact with the community and how we operate internally. We’ll also do a whirlwind tour of how we’re supporting 1st and 3rd party OSS in our platforms and how you can get involved.

Sean McKenna
Sean is a member of the Microsoft Azure Compute group and is responsible Cloud Foundry on Azure. He works closely with partners like Pivotal, GE, and SAP to make CF-based platforms sing on the Azure cloud. He regularly speaks at major Microsoft conferences including //build and Ignite, and smaller events like the CF Meetup in Seattle.