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From YouTube: What's New in Cloud Foundry Volume Services


What's New in Cloud Foundry Volume Services I - Julian Hjortshoj & Paul Warren, Dell EMC

We’ve made some great strides in CF Volume Services since our last talk in October.

We’ll start with a quick reminder of what Volume Services support means, and how it works in CloudFoundry. We will then highlight some of the new support we’ve added, including:

Support for existing NFS shares, with user app mapping to control app identity on the NFS server

Support for LDAP authentication (planned as of this writing)

Experimental Kerberos support

Support for Volume Services in PCFDev for easy ramp-up

Bosh runtime-configuration support for easier deployment of volume drivers

Finally we’ll do a 0-60 live demo showing how easy it can be to get started with shared filesystems in your own CF applications.

Julian Hjortshoj
Technical Staff, Dell EMC
Julian is the PM of the Diego Persistence team, and a 12 year veteran at Dell EMC. In his spare time, Julian enjoys traveling, cooking, sporadic exercise, and building stuff that isn’t software.