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From YouTube: Build Enterprise Apps Using CF Instance on Your Laptop!


Build Enterprise Apps Using CF Instance on Your Laptop! [B] - Sanjay Patil, SAP

Most enterprise applications depend upon a powerful underlying database engine for data storage and data intensive business logic. On top of it, it is common to use languages like Java for business services and JavaScript for sleek user experience. It is also highly desirable to develop, debug and test such polyglot applications locally before deploying them in the Cloud.

This session will demonstrate (with working code) some best practices for:
- Using Cloud Foundry for implementing micro-services architecture for all application layers (including database driven micro-services)
- Developing and testing polyglot applications with a local Cloud Foundry instance on your laptop and deploying the very same application code to Cloud

Product Manager, SAP Cloud Platform
Sanjay Patil is a Product Manager of SAP Cloud Platform, a certified Cloud Foundry PaaS solution. With his passion and decade-long experience with Open Standard technologies, Sanjay has been closely involved in creation and launch of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He has delivered talks on Cloud Foundry at previous Cloud Foundry Summit as well as other developer conferences such as SAP TechEd.