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From YouTube: Getting Started with Node.js on Cloud Foundry


Getting Started with Node.js on Cloud Foundry [B] - Joe Doyle & Patrick Mueller, NodeSource

Node.js is the fastest growing runtime used in Cloud Foundry. If you’re just getting started with building Node.js applications for Cloud Foundry, you may have a lot of questions about best practices for this runtime environment. How can you test an application locally? Should you push your package dependencies, or let the staging machine download them? Should you be pushing your Node.js applications as Docker containers? How do you deal with private packages? How do you debug your application?

This presentation will cover these questions and more, by building a new Node.js application designed to be run in Cloud Foundry. Existing Node.js developers will probably learn a trick or two as well!

Joe Doyle
Solutions Architect Manager
San Francisco Bay Area
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Joe Doyle is the Solutions Architect Manager at NodeSource. He has been working with Node.js and JavaScript for the last 5 years. Today much of his focus is on helping enterprise customers be successful with Node.js leveraging NodeSource products such as N|Solid and working to support the open-source Node.js community in general.

Patrick Mueller
Senior Node Engineer
Patrick Mueller is a Senior Node Engineer at NodeSource, and has been using Node.js as his primary development runtime since 2010. Patrick worked at IBM for 30 years, developing a variety of software platforms including IDEs, mobile runtimes and libraries, and server platforms including IBM Bluemix. He is the primary contributor of the popular "cfenv" Node.js package which provides complete environmental information about your Node.js applications running in Cloud Foundry. Patrick has previously presented at OSCON, GOTO Nights, Nodevember, Node Interactive, and other conferences.