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From YouTube: CF Networking: All Your Packets are Belong to Us


CF Networking: All Your Packets are Belong to Us - Usha Ramachandran & Jay Dunkelberger, Pivotal

Is your network admin losing sleep over whitelisting your entire deployment? Worried about public routes to your backend apps? Can’t tell which application is hammering your production database?

Worry no more! Cloud Foundry has a brand new container networking stack, that enables application level policies and direct container-to-container communication. Join us for an overview of the new feature set and the use cases it solves. See it how it works through a demonstration and learn about where we plan to go next.

Jay Dunkelberger
Software Engineer, Pivotal
Jay Dunkelberger is a Software Engineer at Pivotal who has worked on Cloud Foundry for the last year after a previous life in physics.

Usha Ramachandran
Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Senior Product Manager
San Francisco

Usha Ramachandran is a Product Manager at Pivotal and the the Product Lead for CF Networking. She has over 15 years of networking experience, having worked at Cisco, Alcatel and Ericsson. She has worn several hats throughout her career including software engineer, technical marketing engineer and product manager. A seasoned conference speaker, she has spoken at Cisco Live! and VMworld over multiple years and at CF Summit in 2016.