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Apps Need Data, Redux: The untold true(-ish) story of one developer’s search for a complete microservices platform - Dormain Drewitz & Cornelia Davis, Pivotal

Meet Jamie. Her team is building a new feature for a human resources application. It's going to make vacation requests so much more fun - almost as fun as the vacation itself!

But there's just one problem.

That HR application is a monolith. So Jamie sets out to figure out how she can build her service as a microservice. She thinks about managing the APIs that the monolith will use. She thinks about the persistence layer her application will need. She thinks about how she will secure her application. She thinks about how she will manage performance - oh the spikes of traffic before major holiday weekends!

You can probably guess where Jamie found such a platform that would support all her requirements (hint: Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry). But in this talk, Dormain Drewitz and Cornelia Daviswill take you through the surprising twists and turns of how she got there. After all, Spring Boot makes it easy to make stand-alone Spring applications and Spring Cloud provides the scaffolding to coordinate distributed Boot apps, but what about API management? Performance monitoring? Persistence? It takes an ecosystem to complete a microservices platform.

Cornelia Davis
Senior Director of Technology
San Francisco
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Cornelia Davis is Sr. Director of Technology at Pivotal, where she works on the technology strategy for both Pivotal and for Pivotal customers. Through engagement across Pivotal’s broad customer base, Cornelia develops core cloud platform strategies that drive significant change in enterprise organizations, and influence the Pivotal Cloud Foundry evolution. Currently she is focused on extending the platform capabilities from the application tier all the way through to the data layers. She is an industry veteran with almost three decades of experience in image processing, scientific visualization, distributed systems and web application architectures, and cloud-native platforms.When not doing those things you can find her on the yoga mat or in the kitchen.

Dormain Drewitz
Pivotal Software
Director, Product Marketing
San Francisco Bay Area
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Dormain spent over five years as an investment analyst following infrastructure software, including Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, and numerous pre-IPO companies. Today, she collaborates with several software companies to build their go to market strategies with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. She is a Director of Product Marketing with Pivotal. She has published extensively on cloud computing topics for ten years, demystifying the changing requirements of the infrastructure software stack. She’s presented at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development, and Integration Summit; MuleSoft Connect; sales kickoffs, and numerous regional marketing events. Dormain holds a B. A. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles.