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From YouTube: Deploying Cloud Foundry with BBL, BOSH 2.0 and CF-Deployment


Deploying Cloud Foundry with BBL, BOSH 2.0 and CF-Deployment [I] - Angela Chin & Christian Ang, Pivotal

Have you ever spent all day trying to deploy open source Cloud Foundry and thought there must be a better way? Want to deploy Cloud Foundry from scratch in no time as the core development teams do? Core CF teams have been enjoying a new world where they don’t have to waste days figuring out how to manually deploy BOSH and CF. Now Christian and Angela want to share it with you! In the past year, major inroads have been made to create new tools that automate much of the process of deploying BOSH and CF. Using new tools, BOSH-Bootloader, BOSH 2.0 and CF-Deployment, developed and used by core Cloud Foundry teams, attendees will learn how to deploy Cloud Foundry in an automated, reproducible, and user-friendly way!

Christian Ang
Software Engineer, Pivotal
Christian Ang, software engineer at Pivotal, is the Anchor of the CF-Infrastructure team; maintainers of consul-release, etcd-release, and BOSH-Bootloader.

Angela Chin
Software Engineer
Angela Chin, software engineer at Pivotal, currently works on the CF-Container-Networking team, which does open-source work. In addition to networking experience, she has previously worked on orchestrating core infrastructure components of Cloud Foundry as a member of The CF-Infrastructure team. She graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2016.