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From YouTube: Breathe Into the Node.js


Breathe Into the Node.js [B] - Mark Hinkle, Linux Foundation

Node.js is becoming increasingly more popular with 7 million users per month and growing at a rate of 100% year-over-year. Although the application platform is attracting a lot of new developers, it is also attracting Java, Ruby and Python developers, especially as more enterprises explore microservices.

Node.js is a dynamically typed language and if you are trying to approach this application platform like Java, Ruby and Python, you are bound to fail.

This presentation will provide an overview of why Node.js is the right choice for PaaS and how best to approach this language if you are a traditional Java, Ruby or Python developer.

Mark Hinkle
The LInux Foundation
Mark is responsible for marketing programs and community relations at The Linux Foundation. Previously, Mark was senior director, Open Source Solutions for Citrix, where he managed their Open Source Business office and their involvement in the Apache CloudStack and Xen Project communities. He also drove the strategy and execution of open source marketing efforts for, leading to its acquisition by Citrix in 2011.