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From YouTube: Effective Patterns and Practices for Polyglot Programming


Effective Patterns and Practices for Polyglot Programming [A] - Martin Kreibe, ECS Team

Polyglot programming is not just using multiple programming languages, it also involves multiple frameworks and multiple services.

Whether we choose it or not, as technologies evolve, polyglot programming is already there in every corporate environment. Best thing to do is to understand it better and make the right decisions to choose the right programming language/framework/service based on the problem at hand.

We will look at
• What is polyglot programming?
• Risks of polyglot programming? What are the trade-offs?
• What are the patterns and anti-patterns you need to watch out for when you are using it?

Martin Kreibe
ECS Team
Sr Cloud Architect
Denver, CO
Martin is a Senior Cloud Architect who is constantly striving to improve application and business processes. He has worked in a variety of fields, from manufacturing to finance to startups, and an on countless greenfield and modernization projects. When leading and advising teams, Martin always has an eye on the current and future needs of the user and business. As a natural polyglot, Martin has constantly switched from C++, C#, Java, Golang and JavaScript to suit the application, needs of the team and the speed to market.