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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry and Containers (or: Where does Cloud Foundry Fit in the Container Ecosystem?)


While some other platforms you may have heard of have containers front-and-center as the main user experience, Cloud Foundry uses containers under the covers to provide a rich user experience ("push my code, I don't care how"!). The container engine powering Cloud Foundry is called Garden and pre-dates most of the big name container technologies now in the market. In this talk, you'll find out what makes Garden different from other container technologies (including detailed comparisons of other container engines), and in what ways it's just the same.

Julz Friedman

George Lestaris
Software Engineer, Pivotal
George Lestaris is a software engineer working at Pivotal in the Garden team, the container runtime of Cloud Foundry. Before Pivotal, he spent time with web programming, high throughput computing and cloud computing research. He has given talks before in CHEP 2013 regarding virtual clusters and their use in high-energy physics and, most recently, in PyCon UK 2015 on interactive cloud experimentation.