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From YouTube: Frequent Flying Foundry Style: An IoT Microservices and Secure Insight Platform


Frequent Flying Foundry Style: An IoT Microservices and Secure Insight Platform for the Aviation Industry - Sarah Cooper, M2Mi & Shyam Nath, GE Digital

The potential role of Internet of Things in next generation Airports and the broader Aviation Ecosystem is astounding. From reducing trip time to decreasing on-tarmac collisions, IoT’s enablement of shared real time resources and cross-ecosystem collaboration dramatically changes the value generation game in a traditionally siloed industry. The key to unlocking the cross-ecosystem potential is the creation of a secure, shared Aviation services platform that allows stakeholders to securely share insights without compromising data integrity and ownership. CloudFoundry is the perfect basis for such an industry shared resource.

M2Mi and GE, along with several industry players are developing an Industrial IoT platform for Aviation based on the combination of M2Mi’s IoT platform and GE’s Predix platform on Cloud Foundry. This Aviation Shared IIoT Services platform serves as the basis for the Industrial Internet Consortium's Aviation Testbed and consists of aviation and airport control and data services with industry specific microservices for the real time management of cybersecurity, insight generation and private information sharing. We’ll walk through the architecture and Cloud Foundry components that are re-imagining air travel and aviation for the industry at large.

Sarah Cooper
Moffett Field, CA
Dr. Sarah Cooper is M2Mi’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for engineering, business development and platform strategy. With 15 years designing IoT devices and platform technologies, she serves as vice chairwoman of the 12,000 member Internet of Things Community and is an active member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, as well as several IoT standards organizations. Sarah’s industry achievement includes recognition as a Top 100 Wireless Technology Expert by Wireless World, a 2015 Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, one of Connected World’s Women of M2M, National Academy of Engineer’s Frontier of Engineering Awardee. She's multidisciplinary entrepreneur, inventor and recovering physicist. Prior to M2Mi, Sarah founded and sold TE-Bio, an IoT device company, NaturalNano, a publicly traded advanced nanomaterials company and conducted fundamental research for both NASA and DoE.

Shyam Nath
GE Digital
Industrial Internet Architect
San Ramon, CA
Shyam is Industrial Internet Architect with GE Digital. He has 25 years of Industry experience. Prior to GE, he has worked for IBM, Deloitte, Oracle and Halliburton. He has an undergrad in EE (IIT Kanpur, India) and MBA and MS (Computer Science) from FAU, Boca Raton, FL. He is a regular speaker in large technology events on IoT and Big Data Analytics.