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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 20: From the Ambassadors


Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 20, from the Cloud Foundry Ambassadors.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the following Cloud Foundry Ambassadors:

* Dan Young [], EngineerBetter
* Johanna Koester [], IBM
* Dr. Max (Eugene Michael Maximilien) [], IBM
* Stormy Peters [], Cloud Foundry Foundation

Cloud Advisory Board (CAB) Call Highlights
* Agenda:
* Conversation in #cab on

PMC Runtime meet this week.
* Notes: Runtime PMC notes 9 Aug 2016
* Updates from CLI, Garden, Diego, Routing, ...
* EOL Timeline for Legacy DEA Backend

From the mailing lists:
* We have a new Buildpacks PM. (Danny Rosen has left for other projects - new PM is Stephen Levine, ex-Lattice and PCFDev.)
* New service brokers contributed to cf-community by Sylvain Gibier(S3 & Elasticache)
* New Postgres and NATS BOSH releases extracted from cf-release (Amit Gupta)
* You can now deploy Concourse using Docker Compose! This is super exciting news

EngineerBetter will be joining Foundation as Silver members and hoping to announce this officially soon!!

Cloud Foundry Days:
* CF Days Sydney & Melbourne - Oct 18-20
* CF Days Shanghai - Oct 25
* CF Days Beijing - Oct 27
* CF Days Tokyo - Wk of Nov 6
* CF Days Hong Kong - Wk of Nov 6
* CF Days Singaport - Wk Nov 6th
* CF Days Bangalore - TBD

Get ready for the Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt!
* There will be Training Courses with EB, Anynines, Pivotal and Apigee (Newbies, Microservices, BOSH and Everything Else).

There is going to be an Openstack Day in the UK, hosted at HP in Bristol. There will be a Cloud Foundry talk :) - 15th September

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