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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 12: Cloud Foundry Certification


Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 12

Cloud Foundry Certification is here! CenturyLink, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Huawei, IBM, Pivotal, SAP and Swisscom will all be distributing certified Cloud Foundry, the Industry Standard Cloud Platform.

Cloud Foundry Summit Shanghai was a success!

It’s now easy for everyone to sign up for the Cloud Foundry Slack channel.

CloudFoundry-Mesos lets DCOS users an option for running their cloud-native, microservice-based apps in a single, reliable environment.

Cloud Foundry Advisory Board monthly meeting was this week.

Lots of meetups and several holiday parties including the CF Beat

If you are a Meetup organizer and want t-shirts, let me know.

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is now available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on: