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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 14: All the Talks!


Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 13! The news includes:
We have a couple of new members. Stay tuned for their announcement!
The EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo in Cambridge opened January 22.
IBM’s Cloud Foundry Dojo in Raleigh is coming soon.
As an example of what comes out of a dojo and the 6 week training period, SAP leading the BOSH CPI for Open Stack.
On the Cloud Foundry blog, Swisscom talked about their customer Dorma Kaba, a leading provider of security and access solutions and how they chose Cloud Foundry.
The ECS team has a cool sheet of Cloud Foundry terms and resources.
I gave a beginning Cloud Foundry talk at SCALE14x. The video is coming soon.
Cloud Foundry certification news keeps coming:
From Information Week, with a quote from Sam Ramji, “My sense is, over the next couple years, if this rate of adoption continues, instead of saying PaaS, you’ll just say Cloud Foundry.” article.
Duncan Winn has a new book, Cloud Foundry, the Cloud Native Platform. You can download it for free.
Diego is part of CF. You should migrate from DEA to Diego.
Stark and Wayne wrote shied for a wide variety of pluggable data systems including S3 blobstores.
Josh Kruck’s plugin lets you download the current droplet for an app to your local file system for troubleshooting.
There is a webinar from Altoros on the lessons from GE-Software Allstate, Philips and Mercedes.
There are two Cloud Foundry mailing lists around speaking and meetups that you can join: cf-speakers and cf-meetup-organizers.
On Feb 5, Dr. Max giving Abacus talk at Pivotal.
On Wednesday Coed:Code is having a meetup to support and encourage women in systems programming.
Thursday is the first ever New Jersey meetup at the Honeywell offices.
The London meetup is happening Feb 11th with many speakers from the Summits.
Cloudscape 2016 conference, March 8-9 in Brussels, Belgium, is looking for a Cloud Foundry speaker.
Upcoming Calls for papers:
GlueCon – No deadlines, the sooner the better
GopherCon – January 31, 2016
OpenStack Summit NA – February 1, 2016
EMC World – February 5, 2016
Apache Con: Big Data – February 12, 2016
DockerCon – March 31, 2016
LinuxCon – April 26, 2016
Other sources of news:
This Week in Cloud Foundry
CAB meeting. Altoros provides notes.
Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on: