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From YouTube: Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode18 2016 07 28


Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 18, presented by the Cloud Foundry Ambassadors!

Today’s episode is brought to you by the following Cloud Foundry Ambassadors:

* Mark Carlson, ECS Team
* Matthew Curry, AllState
* Jeff Hobbs, HPE
* Luke Woydziak, EMC
* Stormy Peters, Cloud Foundry Foundation

Foundation member updates:
Cisco is now a Platinum member of the Foundation!
Resilient Scale, founded by Steve Greenberg, joined the Foundation as a Silver member

BOSH 2.0 is out! To get an update watch the Summit talk or the BOSH Day talks.

Cloud Foundry Advisory Board (CAB) call summary

We are starting to see Multicloud in projects at Fortune 500 companies. Not just Amazon but also Azure and other cloud infrastructures.

The 2016 Container Report is out!

SpringOne is next week and there will be a lot of Cloud Foundry presence both in the talks and the booths. Stop by the Cloud Foundry booth!

Cloud Foundry Europe registration is now open. Early bird registration expires August 2. The speakers were just announced today!

We are planning a series Cloud Foundry Days for Asia.

14 Meetups around the world in the past week!

The Cloud Foundry Roadshow 2016 is wrapping up this week. We’ve been to locations with high concentration of Cloud Foundry contributors including Santa Monica, San Francisco, Toronto, Denver, Cambridge, London, Walldorf and Sofia.

Calls for speakers:
ContainerCamp London
#OpenIoT Summit Europe

We are considering a Hack Day before the Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt where people would get together and build solutions on top of Cloud Foundry components like Garden or Diego. We are looking for people to help. Are you interested?