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From YouTube: Enabling Cloud Native Buildpacks for Windows Containers


"Cloud Native Buildpacks (, a CNCF sandbox project headed for incubation, is quickly becoming a standard for building secure, runnable OCI images from source code. Unfortunately, support for Windows-based containerization was not part of the CNB project’s original, Linux-focused charter. This leaves a large void for those looking for a path to modernize their existing Windows-based .NET applications.

We’ve been hard at work to change this! In this talk, we’ll begin with a brief overview of the CNB project and its benefits. We’ll then recap some of the challenges and successes we encountered in our journey to enable first-class support for Windows in the CNB ecosystem. Finally, we’ll give a live demo of building and running a Windows-based container image to show just how simple it can be."

Daniella Corricelli, Product Manager at VMware; Malini Valliath, Member of Technical Staff at VMware; Micah Young, Software Engineer at VMware; Andrew Meyer, Software Engineer at VMware