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From YouTube: Lightning Talk: Cloud(Security)Events -- A Lightweight Framework for Security React... Evan Anderson


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Lightning Talk: Cloud(Security)Events -- A Lightweight Framework for Security Reactions - Evan Anderson, VMware

With many different sources of security information, making sense of it all can be daunting. CloudEvents is a lightweight standard for recording and routing event information of all types which is easy to extend and supported by a variety of existing tools. In this presentation, Evan will illustrate how CloudEvents can help tie many different security tools together, from proactive supply chain vulnerability notifications to real-time monitoring and reactive data collection. In less than 5 minutes, we’ll show how CloudEvents is useful as a storage format, a data interchange, and as a mechanism for triggering serverless functions to drive remediation of detected issues. In the end, you’ll discover that CloudEvents is not difficult or mysterious, but a helpful tool in the security toolbox for cloud-native practitioners.