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From YouTube: Edge-Native Application Principles: Taking Your App Beyond the Cloud - Kate Goldenring, Amar Kapadia


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Edge-Native Application Principles: Taking Your App Beyond the Cloud - Kate Goldenring, Fermyon; Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks

Speakers: Amar Kapadia, Kate Goldenring
Over the past few years, edge computing has been thoroughly discussed, with different technology fields having varying views on what defines edge computing. But in the end, despite the varied use cases of telco, retail, industrial, etc., it's clear that edge is seen as an extension to the cloud and that everyone is interested in bringing their cloud-native infrastructure and applications to the edge. In this session we will focus on this migration. Can we identify common characteristics of edge native applications? How do we tackle some of the common issues like hardware diversity, resource constraints, network availability and more? Basic cloud-native principles are well known and represent a valuable resource for developers. They serve as a check-list for developers, instructing what to keep in mind in order to successfully develop and operate their cloud applications, such as considerations for scalability, observability, ease of deployment on the edge. In the same way we see edge computing as a superset of cloud computing, we can consider edge-native principles a superset of cloud-native principles. So instead of starting from zero, let's focus on additional considerations of the edge. Let's see what additional principles we need to consider for edge-native applications in order to enable successful projects. The CNCF IoT Edge working group has started working on a white paper that aims to define these principles. In this session we will present our progress so far and give a call to action to join the effort.