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From YouTube: Accelerating Data Processing and Consumption for Building Modern Apps... Marilyn Basanta & Ed Byford


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Accelerating Data Processing and Consumption for Building Modern Apps at the Edge - Marilyn Basanta & Ed Byford, VMware

There is an explosion of smart devices at the edge. The upstream bandwidth and real-time decision-making needs are driving the demand for on-premise edge compute. You can easily connect off the shelf open source components to manage AI/ML and real-time applications. By leveraging developer frameworks, message brokers, and in-memory caches, edge native applications can make real-time decisions while operating within the resource constraints at the edge. A common data platform accelerates development of applications at the edge by eliminating repetitive data management tasks. In this talk, we’ll highlight emerging edge application patterns in retail and manufacturing, showcase design considerations for AI/ML and real-time application deployments. Join this talk with the desire to learn more about data at the Edge and leave with knowledge of how this field is evolving.