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From YouTube: North West Culture Exchange: The Future of Events? Helen Marriage


The Future of Events? Helen Marriage

Guest Talk with Q & A

In this special NW Culture Exchange event, Director of arts production company Artichoke, Helen Marriage will speak about how Arts & Culture will be an essential regeneration tool for cities and communities as the world adjusts to living with Covid 19.

Helen brings a vast range of experience and has extensive experience of leading and managing large scale cultural programming in the North and South of Ireland. Most recently, Helen was Director of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture and was responsible for the delivery of signature events in Derry including Lumiere at Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013 and Temple with David Best in 2015

Acclaimed for her work in bringing people together physically and emotionally in mass public art gatherings, Helen will share her thoughts on what the future of events might look like for audiences, artists and industry providers.

Who will be able to attend Live events? The rich and the well? How do we keep striving to ensure equality of access to quality arts? Why is this important?

Will there even be Live events?? Live Vs Virtual experiences. Exploring the relatively sudden mass movement to online programming, what shape might this take in to the future?

As Health and Emergency initiatives are seen as an immediate priority, how can the arts and cultural community ensure the shift from growth to survival mode is not prolonged, creating irreversible damage?

How can we continue to dream big ideas when the world and resources are seemingly contracting?

Why does this all matter?