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From YouTube: 1718 Wonders and Wurds


The 1718 migration has special relevance for the Lagan and the Foyle area. This short educational film explores the relevance of the migration to the Ulster Scots people, and illustrates the nature of the life they left behind and what lay in store for them on the shores of America. This piece, which is suitable for audiences aged between 9-12, features two central characters; Margaret - a young girl, who does not wish to go to America, and Robbie - a young boy on board the ship heading to America whose experiences on the voyage will be documented. The film will be accompanied by a glossary of Ulster Scots words and their meanings with onscreen visual explanations to aid understanding.

Andrew Tinney studied Drama and English and has an MA in English Literature and Creative Writing. He has been working as an Ulster-Scots tutor with schools in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland since 2017 and has worked extensively with the Ulster-Scots Agency over the past four years delivering drama and language lessons to children in an educational setting to further enhance their knowledge of Ulster-Scots language and heritage. Recently, he has worked with a range of partners on projects for young people including the delivery of an Ulster Scots drama performance exploring Partition with Derry and Raphoe Action; an Ulster Scots Summer Drama Camp for The Schomberg Society in Kilkeel; and an Ulster Scots summer scheme for children on behalf of the Lagan Ulster Scots Association.