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From YouTube: Antelope Coalition - September 2nd, 2022 Meeting | EOS, TELOS, WAX, UX Network


The Antelope Coalition updates the community on Leap 3.1 system contracts, Scalability+ blue paper, FF / IBC status updates, Wallet SDK approvers and more!

00:00:04 FF/ IBC status report
00:10:33 Scailability+ blue paper
00:17:32 Website V2 development
00:21:37 Font usage and logos
00:28:35 Leap 3.1 system contract
00:29:40 RFP secure contract library
00:31:09 Creating Standards for Antelope
00:38:40 P2P RFP
00:52:33 Block Explorer discussion
00:53:30 Assignment technical project managers
00:55:14 Future process and resources for RFP creation
01:03:08 Wallet SDK approvers / champions definition
01:23:28 Discuss a process for community votes on top 21 items
01:45:00 Antelope channel admins

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