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From YouTube: Downtown Mystic Resiliency & Sustainability Plan Public Workshop - 11/1/22


Downtown Mystic is one of the quintessential historical and cultural resources of New England. Unfortunately, much of the Downtown Mystic area is low-lying and prone to flooding. The risk of flooding is likely to increase in the future due to impacts from the changing climate, including sea level rise.

In response to the current and potential future flooding risks, the Town of Groton is developing a Resiliency and Sustainability Plan for the Downtown Mystic area within Town limits. The area to be covered by the plan is shown above outlined in red. The Town hired GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. to help with plan development. GZA, with significant support from Town staff, will conduct a full vulnerability assessment of the study area. They will then develop and prioritize action items that will help decrease flood risk and protect natural and built resources, both of which will help support the local economy. Recommendations will also be developed to help Downtown Mystic homeowners and local business owners increase the resilience of their properties.

We need your help! Public participation in the project will be key to its success. This video is the first of three public workshops that will be held to provide information, hear your input, and gain feedback on the plan as it is being developed. Please share your experiences with flooding in Downtown Mystic by using the interactive mapper and filling out the survey at the link below and joining us for the workshops.