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From YouTube: Hillingdon Council - 7.30pm, 12 September 2019 [multi-camera event] (Mayor View)


WATCH the September Council meeting broadcast live from Uxbridge, where Hillingdon's councillors will consider and debate key matters of local interest. Switch between Chamber and Mayor cameras for a great 360-degree’ experience.

MORE INFORMATION: For the full agenda and business of the meeting, please visit our website here:

VIEWING MODES: switch between Mayor and two chamber views using the tab on the screen for a 360 degree experience. Mobile devices and Smart TVs will show the main chamber view only. Subtitles are available for this meeting for the hard of hearing after the live broadcast, by clicking on the tab under the video.

YOUR VIEWS MATTER TO US: Residents are welcome to attend Council meetings in person. We continually seek to improve residents' experience when participating in or watching our meetings. If you would like to give your feedback, please fill in the Google Form here:

Thank you for watching!
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