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From YouTube: 🌍 Hillingdon Council - 7.30pm, 16 January 2020 [ CLIMATE CHANGE DECLARATION ] (Rear Chamber View)


WATCH the January Hillingdon Council meeting broadcast live from Uxbridge, UK. Here, elected Councillors voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency and meet ambitious targets to become carbon neutral by 2030. Skip to the main debate on climate change here: 31:20 🌍

🔽 Download our full climate declaration here:

The meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor David Yarrow. Switch between different Chamber feeds for a 360-degree experience. Prayers at the start of the meeting were said by Father Paul Smyth.

KEY BUSINESS included:

✅ Notification of the new Deputy Leader, Cabinet and Committee appointments (skip here: 10:11)
✅ A Key Motion for debate on declaring a Climate Emergency led by Councillor Jonathan Bianco (skip here 31:20)
✅ A Motion promoting greater energy efficiency led by Councillor Tony Eginton (skip here 1:02:10)
✅ A Motion regarding the outcome of the recent General Election and the new Hillingdon Hospital from Councillor Douglas Mills (skip here 1:15:05)
✅ A Motion on littering & fly-tipping from Councillor Stuart Mathers (skip here 1:39:20)
✅ Questions from residents on planning related matters (skip here 6:55)
✅ Adoption of the Council's Gambling Policy (skip here 23:15)
✅ Adoption of the Local Plan Part 2 (skip here 24:30)
✅ Polling [Stations] Places Review (skip here 15:40)
✅ Development of a new Dockless Bike Byelaw across London (skip here 28:45)

MORE INFORMATION: For the full agenda, detailed reports and business of the meeting, please visit our website here:

VIEWING MODES: switch between chamber views using the tab on the screen for a 360 degree experience. Mobile devices and Smart TVs will show the main chamber view only. Subtitles are available for this meeting for the hard of hearing after the live broadcast, by clicking on the tab under the video.

ATTENDING: Residents are welcome to attend Council meetings in person or submit a public question in advance - more details here:

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