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From YouTube: [DIRECTOR'S CUT] Virtual Major Applications Planning Committee - 6pm, 16 June 2020


WATCH a post-production video by our Broadcasting Director of this virtual planning committee where elected councillors made decisions on key planning applications across Hillingdon. Matters decided are shown here on the business agenda:

The original live stream of this virtual meeting included an intermission due to external technical reasons, since resolved directly by Google. However, for the public record it can be viewed here:

This meeting was held on Google Meet and broadcast simultaneously live to YouTube.

All planning decisions made by the Committee on individual applications are shown on the link above after the meeting. Residents and others can watch this video on demand, after the live broadcast.

Following current UK Government advice, the Council will be temporarily suspending physical public speaking at all planning committee meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. Written, visual and video representations will be presented instead, as part of our established petitions process. This ensures, subject to a valid petition received, the views of everyone can be taken fully into account.

FEEDBACK: If you have any feedback watching this meeting to improve your experience of how local decisons are made, please fill in the form here:

Thank you for watching.
London Borough of Hillingdon

Courtesy of YouTube Audio Library with Skyline [Text Me Records]