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From YouTube: Virtual Budget Council - 7.30pm, 25 February 2021


🔴 WATCH this virtual council meeting where your elected councillors met to discuss, debate and agree the Council's budget for the ensuing financial year 2021/22. This meeting was be chaired by the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Teji Barnes. As a tradition, the Mayor welcomed Brunel University journalism students watching the live broadcast as part of their studies.


✅ Mayor's announcement encouraging community vaccination on COVID-19 (14:21)
✅ Leader of the Council, Cllr Ian Edwards' update on the Council's response to COVID-19 and the Council's successful UK Supreme Court ruling on High Speed 2 (15:50)
🟦 Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Martin Goddard presents the Cabinet's and Conservative Administration's budget for 2021/22 (24:02)
🟥 Cllr Stuart Mathers, Opposition Spokesman sets out the Labour Group's budget amendments (53:02)
🟥 Cllr Jazz Dhillon, Opposition Spokesman speaks in support of the Labour Group's amendments (1:10:58)
🟦 Closing statement by the Leader of the Council, Cllr Ian Edwards (1:57:44)

Other speakers on the budget included:

◾ Cllr Kerri Prince (1:22:24)
◾ Cllr Tony Eginton (1:25:03)
◾ Cllr Jan Sweeting (1:28:10)
◾ Cllr Jonathan Bianco, Deputy Leader (1:31:08)
◾ Cllr Janet Duncan (1:41:37)
◾ Cllr John Morse (1:45:05)
◾ Cllr Philip Corthorne (1:48:31)
◾ Cllr Eddie Lavery (1:51:27)
◾ Cllr Susan O'Brien (1:54:25)


The budget agreed by the Council can be viewed here:

Find out about the Mayor and her charities here: The Mayor's new YouTube channel can also be viewed here:

This meeting was broadcast on Google Meet, streamed live to YouTube.


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